About Seán

Seán Miros was 1st unit DOP on London’s 2012 Olympic Bid shot in South Africa.

Sean Miros International Director of Photography – Cinematographer

He has been as a DOP for 24+ years and is a member of the South African Society of Cinematographers

The film world inspired Sean from an early age. His passion originally started with stills photography where he developed an eye for composition, framing and light.

At school, his first camera, a 35mm SLR with a fixed focal lens and Plus X Pan B+W film, he learnt how to process, do timings and enlargements in the darkroom.

Sean has the ability to operate the camera and capture the action with an excellent and impeccable eye. He is well known in the film industry.

He has an in-depth knowledge and a passion for the art, painting with light, for the composition and balance of the subject within the frame.

He is comfortable working on all formats.

He has worked with leading cinematographers, Darius Khondji, Mikael Salomon and Alex Thompson to name a few.

The one thing said, that has always been inspirational, were the words…
“If there was no light it would be dark”.

He was the DOP on London’s 2012 Olympic Bid, shot in South Africa.

His clients include many local and international Directors and Production Houses
He has achieved numerous Awards some of which include Cannes, Visible Spectrum and New York Ad. His work is also featured on Shots.

He has a passionate love of lighting, with the camera an extension of his arms.

He has a sense of humour with a hands on approach to all aspects of the filmmaking process. He will make the most of any situation.